Raw Vegan Gluten Free Tacos and Wraps Oh My!

Where’s the beef?! This has more BEEF than beef itself! It has more flavor than meat and potatoes and enough raw material to help your body enable its own natural healing mechanisms to help you prevent, stop, and even reverse any illness or Chronic disease. No fillers, artificial flavors, unsaturated fats, Gmos or anything that makes people sick and tastes so much better than the junk that does make people sick =) I LOVE this kind of food! Have I mentioned that yet? I’m very enthusiastic to share this with you to help you find ways of lovin the food that’s helping you to reclaim your health and Yourself!

– Cayenne Pepper Powder
– Tomato
– Red Onion
– Zucchini
– Avocado
– Gluten Free Tacos or Gluten Free Wraps

*optional – any other natural herb, spice, or fresh veggie that you enjoy

I never measure out the ingredients.   Just chop them up as fine or as chunky as you like.  Obviously I love chunky style as you can see in the picture.  Nothing is cooked whatsoever.  The avocado provides more flavor an an already wonderful flavor party and plenty of Healthy Fats.  If you’re watching your calories go light on the Avocado.  Everything compliments one another but what really gives this more BEEF than beef and more flavor than meat and potatoes is the Cayenne pepper powder.  I almost always sprinkle that on my raw vegan dishes.  I like it much more than course ground black pepper.  Sometimes I’ll add that and a little bit of sea salt but all it has to have is that awesome wonderful Cayenne pepper.  It’s spicy hot so go VERY easy with the Cayenne pepper if you like mild food.   Since its powder form its simple to make as mild or hot as you like.

You can experiment with your own mix of fresh raw veggies to it doesn’t have to be just like this one.  The possibilities are endless and this is so easy and healthy I felt compelled to share it with you!  Let it spark some creativity in your own dishes you prepare.  If you make up something completely scrumptiously delicious I would be in heaven if you share it on my Facebook page =)


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