Vegan Hot Pockets

I had no idea what to call these until I tasted them! I decided to make a second one that I folded into a pocket because the taste immediately reminded me of a hot pocket from when I was a kid =)

Takes about 10 minutes.

tortilla shells
vegan cream cheese or hummus or both
baby spinach
chic peas
thin tomato slices
marinara sauce
black pepper
dried thyme leaves
ginger powder

Directions – I’m going to give you medicinal directions because I am a health nerd.

Heat up a tortilla shell for about a half minute so that it folds easier.  Buy shells that are high in fiber and have no sugar listed in the list of ingredients.  The shells I use typically have between 6 – 8 grams of fiber per serving.  This is gut healthy and blood sugar metabolic friendly.

After your shell is heated up place on a plate and spread hummus, vegan cream cheese, or both over the top as pictured.


Now place some baby spinach on top, then chic peas, some thin tomato slices..


Marinara sauce..

Find a good ORGANIC marinara sauce that does not have sugar listed in the ingredients.  Never buy tomato products in a can.  The acid that naturally occurs in tomatoes will eat away at the can.  To protect the can they line it with a chemical that is toxic to human health.

Season with black pepper, ginger powder, dried thyme leaves..


Fold over  like a pizza pocket =)   Or you can roll it like a taco or a burrito..


Place in a frying pan on medium heat and heat for a couple of minutes on both sides.  I’ve found for these I don’t need to put down any cooking oil at all.  IF you do use oil, make sure you use an oil with a high flash point such as coconut, grapeseed, or avocado oil.  Do NOT use olive oil because olive oil turns into a toxic carcinogen once heated.


All that’s left is to thoroughly enjoy these <3    Maybe have a friend over and serve up something surprisingly delicious and easy to make!


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