Faith and Action

Me and Desert Sage

Desert Sage

God says to trust in Jesus for all things are possible through him. God also says you step closer to me and I step closer to you. You stand still and I stand still.


“Faith without action serves no real purpose.” – Jim Rohn

From my own observation most religious people seem to have a huge mental gap between faith and action. They talk faith but give their faith some weak little meaning with some weak little actions creating weak little results in their lives. And it’s not just religious people it’s far to many non religious people to.

I’m a non denominational Christian with a very personal direct relationship with god and I do not go to church. Here is what I believe:

God gave us autonomous minds so we can have faith, philosophy, and ACT! You will NOT increase your health, your income, or your spiritual wellness unless YOU ACT.

You are exactly where you are suppose to be at in your life by the decisions you’ve made and actions you’ve taken. You’re health, income, and spiritual problems will not be solved by faith alone. You must ACT!

Religious people take up the bulk of the obesity epidemic in America. The most common philosophy I hear from religious people who are not doing well is, “god will take care of me”. I’ve got news for you. If all you have is faith and you aren’t taking those actionable steps to give your faith any meaning then god is standing still for you giving you enormous opportunity to take those actionable steps and change your life. Take one step closer toward god and god takes one step toward you. Take one step closer toward wealth and wealth takes one step toward you. Take one step closer toward health and health takes one step closer toward you. You get the idea it’s very simple stuff!

Point of truth.

If your faith isn’t given any meaning with good actions then your faith is just silly and it’s folly. Your commitments are only as strong as your actions and your faith without any works is just dead faith.

I’m personally not going to dishonor my god, the earth, the universe, myself, or nature with a folly faith and belief because I understand the consequences of inaction and I understand those consequences are inescapable. I hope you understand this to.

The challenges in your life are not there to keep you from where you want to be. They are not meant to invoke the foolish belief that I see all too often in the religious community of, “faith alone is enough I don’t need to act.” God gives us challenges to give us OPPORTUNITIES to seek the knowledge to get the things that we want. This is what I personally believe. My belief affects my daily ACTIONS. And my daily actions driven by my faith allows me to literally shape the life of my dreams and to pay it forward for other people.

And get this… It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not. If you believe in god or not. These are natural laws of the earth that exist for you to harness and shape your life how ever you want. Most of us don’t even seem to scrape the surface of our own personal potential because of our weak little belief systems. We die with more than 90% of our potential completely untapped! Even after all I’ve accomplished I know that my potential is so much greater than my accomplishments. My goal in life is to see how close I can come to tapping my full potential while I’m here on this planet earth. I hope you have that goal as well. And I hope you realize the only way to move closer to your own human potential is with ACTION fueled by Strong unshakable faith.

Bridge the gap between faith and action. Honor the god of your choosing and see what happens in your life over time. It’s exciting!!!

Have faith, DO faith!


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