As Children We Have No Limits By Craig Holiday

Desert Blue Sky

Desert Blue Sky

As children we have no limits, we are given the ability to dream endlessly. There is nothing we cannot do. The world seems large but it is our dreams that shrink it and make it available to us. We have no boundaries when it comes to seeing our future as exciting, wonderful, and full of chances. As we grow up and begin to face the challenges of life we begin to shrink our dreams. We begin to limit not only what we can accomplish, but who we are. We no longer feel as if we are limitless, infallible, unable to be stopped. The world becomes so large a place that we fear. A place which seems to control us. The fear stops us from dreaming any longer. We accept our fate. Average becomes acceptable. We find ourselves in a large, dark forest with no way out. Someone comes into our life, deep in that dark forest and reaches out a hand and gently walks beside us, pointing out the beauty of the forest. You soon begin to understand this journey. Darkness only exist when you are alone, without a vision, burdened by the past, unable to forgive those that have hurt you, and those who have stolen your dreams, and limited you and crushed the child in you. But now, we are faced with a choice. Do we stay in the darkness or do we choose the light? The gentle hand guides you, comforts you, walks with you and you now believe again. Like a child you are free from the past and dreams once again become easy, accomplishable. Those dreams shelved in the attic of your life burdened with cob webs quietly awaiting your arrival are visited by you again. You now know that your life is like a circular staircase, each turn forces a decision. Move forward or retreat, there is no ability to remain where you are. It’s those dreams that give us life, hope, vision, and without those dreams we perish. Dreams give us freedom, freedom to see ourselves as a child again, unburdened by life, the masterpiece of creation. It’s in this place where dreams transport us, that we are free.

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