Cover Yourself and Be Where you Need to be When you Need to be

When I was caring for my dad before he passed on to heaven, and still currently my aging mom, I enjoy telling people I don’t need to worry about my bills and food I am covered because of passive and residual income I created years ago. I can spend time with them, take them to appointments, be there for them as I need and want to me. I get to be where my heart needs to be instead of at a job. I get to do what I want when I want and I don’t have to run it past a gatekeeper at some job where someone else gets to say yes or no.

This kind of FREEDOM is what I wish for you. I want you to emerge at a place in the future where you can be where you need to be when you need to be without having to run a dayum thing by a gatekeeper who has the power over your income and your life to say yes or no.

Passive and residual income is the ultimate form of leveraged income. It’s also the ultimate insurance, the ultimate safety and security, and the ultimate spring board if their are other interesting projects you’ve always dreamed of doing regardless if it pays something or pays nothing at all. Maybe the projects you’ve dreamed of for years costs you money! Maybe it’s charity work. It’s whatever you want it to be. Passive and residual money (leveraged income) is your BEST springboard to make your dreams come true.

Leveraged income is passive and residual income, that is, it’s money that pays you with or without your personal involvement so you can have your time back to do whatever you want with and when you have your time back you have your LIFE back. The opposite of this type of income is ordinary earned income. Ordinary earned income is income you get from your job and MOST self employed people also only have ordinary earned income. The result of this type of income is a severe lack of freedom of time because this type of income requires your personal involvement. Anything that requires your personal involvement requires your time. The moment you clock out you stop getting paid until you clock back in again. If you lose your job, even at no fault of your own, your income turns off for good unless you find another job then it starts all over again with only getting paid when you’re on the clock. For most self employed, they don’t really own a business as much as their business owns them. They can never leave it, take a trip, go on vacation, because if they do they stop getting paid. If they have a person cover for them while they are away this is a low form of leverage because it may not be the same while they are gone and could be more costly for them depending on what happens while they are taking their well deserved break.

I’m going to equip YOU WHO ARE INTERESTED to be able to do that. From here it’s up to you to see it through, follow through, never give up, be a daily self starter CONSISTENTLY including the days you don’t feel like it, and it’s up to you to hold yourself personally responsible for everything including for how you respond to people who break promises and how you respond to any difficult “wrench” life throws at you because all of these undesirables are part of LIFE. It’s not if but when, how often, and how intense the setbacks in their various forms will be.

Life has a funny way of weeding people out who are more like clowns about their goals and dreams, waiting for life to suddenly become easy before they are willing to become successful. They will never become successful. Life will never stop and become easy just so someone can be successful. I’m not pointing fingers. I personally use to have that philosophy of waiting for things to become easy. I swapped that dumb philosophy out for a better one and only then I was able to put myself on a better path that eventually set me free some two and a half years later. Two and a half years may seem like a long time but I was able to do it in my spare time. So will you no matter how much or how little time you have right now so you can have more free time later. Two and a half years to retire richer instead of poorer is the speed of light compared to working over 40 years to retire poorer than richer. I call this the 2 – 5 year plan. Most people fall within that window. Some do it sooner than 2 years and some take longer than 5 years. Even if it takes a person ten years it’s still worth it by far and away. The better you get at learning leveraged income the more quickly you can emerge at a point in the future where you can have the option of walking away from your job or any ordinary earned income all together and that is the goal! Thats the goal that affects all other goals and dreams.

How many more of the things you’d rather be doing would you be able to do if you could clone yourself not once, or twice, but as many times as you wanted to clone yourself? What would you be able to do? How would life look? How would that feel? Who’d benefit with you with that kind of freedom?

The difficulty for everyone, including myself when I first started, is we are addicted to a paycheck. We put in time we expect a paycheck. We’ve been conditioned to expect an automatic paycheck our entire lives through our schools, media, politicians, 98% of our environment is one big brain washing machine designed to keep us chained and shackled to the dollar. Most people cannot handle another way and will quit if they don’t see an immediate paycheck for their efforts. It’s all part of our social programming because our society wants obedient unquestionable workers.

Free thinking people will break that terrible social conditioning. That’s who I like working with. Free thinking people open to a better way than being chained and shackled obediently to the dollar.

Through consistently and sharpening your skills and personal philosophy you will start getting paid leveraged income. It will start small. You will do all kinds of things you won’t get paid for. As you SEE THIS THROUGH you can begin getting paid large amounts of money for what you started, nutured, and grew in the past.

Imagine starting something new with an intrinsic fire in your belly to LEARN SOMETHING NEW and it generates passive residual leveraged income for the rest of your life. You never have to be chained and shackled to the dollar ever again. Can you imagine how that could change your life? Can you imagine how you’d spend the TIME FREEDOM that would open up for you because all your bills and all your expenses of all kinds are covered now?

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