1 year ago today I watched my mom take her last breath after spending the last 15 hours of her life with her at her hospital bedside over night.

Today, the first anniversary of her ascendance into heaven, we are finally having her celebration of life memorial day.

She passed from covid-19 like over 630,000 in the US alone, so far.

1 year ago today my mom reunited with my dad. She stopped suffering in the many ways she had been both physically and emotionally.

We could not get together until now because of covid transmission reality. It’s strange to not have a service shortly after the passing of a loved one. The closure is needed. Somehow I did find closure in keeping myself very busy throughout the year. You can see all the content I’ve shared on my website with my music creations, videos, writings, lots of overall creativity and massive amounts of content that will be available forever on my website and youtube channel. You can find those links in my bio area.

To go from watching my mom take her last breath to returning right back to life as if nothing happened is the most disorienting thing I’ve ever experienced. No funeral, no services of any kind, no get togethers with family etc.. This is the first I’ve seen any family, other than my brother who lives here in town, since before the pandemic.

Yesterday my family came into town from long distances. We all got together for dinner. Seeing any family at all for the first time since my mothers passing, since before the pandemic, was much needed. It’s hard to believe in the wake of losing someone close to me to death I had zero family experiences for a full year. It’s difficult to imagine that. But, I lived it.

Later today is my moms memorial celebration of life. It starts at the cemetery then on to the funeral home. The focus is celebration, visiting, supporting, being there for each other after long isolation, sharing stories, and honoring my moms life. There will be very little formalities. My mom would want everyone to be happy and to be here for each other; the living.

I miss you mom. I pause and cry from time to time. I miss you and dad more than anything I could ever possibly miss in this world. It hurts but I know I will see you again. I’m tearing up as I type this, but this is wonderful therapy for me because it’s for me and anyone else who reads this.


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