People Are Going To Say and Do Things You Disagree With..

tombirkenmeyercomExplain to me how it makes sense to find perfect sound reasoning to hinge your blood pressure and stress on that?

Emotional immaturity justifies being reactive and hinging an attitude on other people and events that they have no control over.

Some people will go as far as to eat the lining of their own stomach to create an ulcer,or worse.

If you’re looking for a perfect sound reason to stress yourself out you’ll find it every time.

There is no self preservation in rationalizing reactive behavior and stress with sound reasoning.

The emotionally immature can draw a line in the sand in any moment of ANY day =)

It doesn’t even have to be a process that takes time.

It can be in a split second instant decision to never to hinge your happiness on forces external to your brain.

You’ll slip now and then you’re human but you can begin to catch yourself and reclaim your happiness quickly.

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– Tom

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