Being Reactive Is For Wusses…

Desert Blue Sky

Desert Blue Sky

This is going to sound really WEIRD but I’m going to say it anyway…

Being reactive is for WUSSES…

Hear me out because I don’t say this to demonize anyone and I’ve been reactive before too just like everyone else but it doesn’t excuse that behavior…

When someone gets pissed or stressed out by another person they typically say the other person made them get pissy or stressed right?

You’ve done it.. I’ve done it.. Right?

As an observer over the YEARS I’ve been influenced Enormously to STOP being reactive, getting pissed at people, getting STRESSED, and getting all worked up.

It’s EASY to to get pissed, stressed, and get reactive if someone wrongs us right?

It’s the WUSS in us who takes the easy road and gets pissed, stressed, and reactive…

And ya know what? IT’S NOT THE EASY ROAD AFTER ALL!!! That’s the ILLUSION that people fall victim toward and its a SELF IMPOSED illusion!

We do some DUMB things as human beings but this might actually take the “DUMB” cake…

We see it all the time don’t we?

Someone gets pissed, upset, angry, STRESSED, reactive, and they falsely say foolishness like “So and So started it” Or… “If so and so didn’t start up on me I would have been fine” or… “I’m justified in my response because they had no right!”

I’m giving you some advice as well as MYSELF some advice…

Grow up..

Evolve yourself..

Spiritually MATURE yourself…

Stop being such a F***ING WUSS when someone wrongs you.

When someone else wrongs you put your focus and your energy on maintaining an even blood pressure. It’s the more difficult thing to do so if you’re hell bent on being a WUSS you’ll never do it and you’ll keep justifying being reactive, stressed, upset, angry, a cry baby etc…

But ya know what? Maintaining an EVEN BLOOD PRESSURE really is NOT the more difficult thing to do. In the end you’re healthier emotionally, physically, mentally, and in every other way possible which means LIFE IS EASIER NOT HARDER…

You can literally give yourself the “gift” of a life debilitating CHRONIC Disease just by being STRESSED and Reactive and it’s been PROVEN.. Even Medical Doctors recognize this… St00pid right?

Ya know what I’m saying?

I’m not saying you condone or reward someone who wrongs you. I’m saying you stop being a F***ING WUSS and OWN your SELF instead of USING others to Justify being reactive, upset, angry, Stressed, reactive, and ultimately Sick and Diseased.

Stop being MANIPULATED either intentionally or unintentionally by other people.

The world and the Human Species could use a lot less WUSSES and a lot more spiritually EVOLVED people.

Wanna grow into more Spiritual Maturity with me?

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– Tom

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