Boobs and Brains

The question is, what turns you on the most? Discuss below after reading my entire rationale behind my answer.

The “Brains” part of the answer represents the macro picture of how she thinks, how she feels inside, how she expresses herself, and over all the non physical part of her being. What a POWERFUL connection it can be with another human being to have a beautiful connection of the non physical minds.

The “Boobs” part of the answer represents the macro picture of how she appears physically. I love the whole physical body but I’ve always been particularly infatuated with womens beautiful breasts so I chose “Boobs” in reference to her whole physical body. Boobs, in my opinion, are an ultimate physical sign of femininity and nurturing.

Some people dismiss the physical and only give mind to the non physical in an effort to claim a moral high ground. In my opinion this does not make any sense to ignore either the physical or non physical because in this experience of life on earth there is a relationship between the physical and the non physical. Between the soul and the body. Between metaphysical and empirical. This is true in everything not just in people. So knowing about these relationships between the physical and non physical I want to enjoy both individually and together at the same time. In the next life we shed the physical for only the non physical so it will be different. But as for now in this experience I EMBRACE my love for both BOOBS AND BRAINS and I feel GREAT about that.

To take it one step further.. There is something magical like when there is a certain kind of non physical chemistry, that is, she becomes more physically beautiful than I originally thought because the mind connection is so over powering it heightens the physical connection, too. This has only happened once in my life, so far.

Likewise the reverse has happened where the body becomes less attractive the more I learn about her mind.

I love both the mind and the body but for me personally the mind dominates the body even still.

feel free to share this. I think it’s an incredibly interesting topic open for discussion and different points of views.


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