I like Oprah, but, I would not vote for her to be president and here is why

We have no idea what she stands for on policy specifics! We only know she is a nice lady who is for good things and against bad things. Where does she stand on Private money in politics? On medicare for all? On ending the wars? On a new new deal with a green tech revolution? On ending the drug war? On POLICIES that actually affect our lives? WE HAVE NO IDEA. Does she even know about things like the Deep state? Glass steagall? About our drone strike program that 90% of the time kills innocent people? Most americans don’t know these things but they effect Everything in various ways.

Our culture is mentally challenged when it comes to the currency we give toward celebrity status.

I think Oprah is a wonderful lady so I’m not putting her down. I’m saying I wish the average person in this country would become more interested in POLICY SPECIFICS and other things that actually affect us. From there we can have disagreements and agreements and we can move toward a more perfect union for real.

Oprah isn’t the only celebrity being floated for president. There are quite a few others and we have no idea where ANY of them stand on any policy specifics. Politicians aren’t screwing over the country we are doing that ourselves we really are. Let’s draw a line in the sand and become interested in policy specifics so we can DESERVE a congress that actually represents us =)

Feel free to chime in… Any personal attacks against anyone I will most likely delete so be MATURE passionate adults please.

We have just one party creating an illusion of two parties. Dems and Repubs have MOST of the same donors so they are working for most of the same people. We have a system of legalized bribery. They don’t represent us. YOU cannot compete with their Billion dollar donors so naturally they are not going to represent you. Get all the private money OUT so we can have a functioning Representative democracy. Where is oprah on this issue? And all other policy specifics? The one party we have is the MONEY party. The money party created the illusion of Dems vs republicans. I LOVE making money but it should not be in our politics. If you don’t create opportunity for yourself then you are screwed. That’s one big reason I’m harping on creating your own passive and residual money and getting out from underneath depending on a job to pay bills and eat. Having a job to depend on for money is the single most self sabotaging thing people do and ALMOST everyone does it. Few will draw a line in the sand and start LEARNING how to get out from underneath their pyramid scam nonsense.


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