Break this Common Belief about Time and Money and Be Free From It

Calm Carribbean background SidestretchI’ve found that the more time we keep trading for money (a JOB) the less we have and the further in debt we go along with the stress and other problems that stem from that logistical nightmare.

The problem with trading time for money is if you want to keep affording your cost of living you constantly have to keep giving up more and more time without any end, unless, you change your VALUES.  Then you come to a new BEAUTIFUL beginning called FREEDOM driven by a new set of VALUES.

Another problem with trading time for money is eventually you come to a point where you cannot handle anything else on your plate, relationships suffer, more stress, you lose sleep, health problems creep in, you lose more via taxation to the government, you can’t afford to be more generous as you could have been, and even as bad as that is you could lose it all at any time because you don’t own your job or have any control over the value of the asset. We are seeing that a LOT today with record high unemployment and insulting wages for jobs that use to pay well.

NO ONE has to live that way. If you’re already living it, you don’t have to keep living that way. It’s just a question of changing your values from the false sense of security at a job to FREEDOM which is REAL security. Freedom means you can afford your living and luxury expenses whether you work, or if you take a vacation, or if you do some other interesting projects that pay absolutely nothing but feed the starving or whatever cause that bleeds true to your heart.  Freedom is being able to afford to be more generous driven by pure HEART to do whatever it takes to become a FREE human being no longer trading time for money. Now you can spend your time on whatever you deem most important to you rather than at the demands of someone else who can take away your ability to afford your living expenses at any time and without any warning.

I take a lot of vacations these days and involve myself in projects that don’t pay anything, but, provide funds for charities to feed starving people. I can afford to be free, secure, and generous.  So can you if you change your values from the false sense of security of a job to FREEDOM.


People don’t join a home business because they are passionate about home business. Ancient wisdom says to find satisfaction in what you’re doing. People join a home business because they HATE the thought of not having their freedom more than they hate anything else. And then later they come to LOVE the home business industry because there is nothing else as efficient to gain personal freedom.

Change this ONE THING and you can change EVERYTHING:

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– Tom

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