Use Cancer to Make you Stronger Than Before

Organic Plant Based Whole Food NutritionHow’s THIS for a total Earthquake in your brain?   You can use CANCER to make you Weaker or Stronger much like you can use Debt to make you Richer or Poorer.   Stay with me for a minute..

Build up your immune system to kill the cancer organically. Now you’ve killed the cancer and you’re less vulnerable to ever getting cancer, or any disease ever again, because you’re immune system is stronger from how you responded to getting a cancer diagnosis. This makes sense to me!!!!

Tragically this what most people do when they get the Cancer Diagnosis. Most people weaken their immune system to kill the cancer with chemo and radiation.  If you’re lucky enough to go into remission you go into it with a weaker immune system than before, making you even more vulnerable to getting the Cancer again a second time as most people do who go into remission from Medical Treatment.  Does this make sense to you out there?  This makes NO SENSE whatsoever to me but this is what most people do and needlessly suffer and die.  Some end up with an immune system so WEAK from the Medical Treatment that they go on to die of a common cold.   But oh boy they survived cancer!  Survived cancer only to go on to die of a cold?!?!  And people still defend chemo and radiation because at least the cancer was destroyed?  Are you kidding me?!?!

By the way I’m by no means giving you advice.  Make up your own mind on what to do when you or a loved one gets the cancer diagnosis.  My hope is I’ve caused you to at least think for yourself, do your own research, and be your own advocate instead of blindly following the advice of your doctor who has no clue about building up an immune system, and for the love of your self and your loved ones don’t blindly follow some d00d on the internet either.  I’m an advocate for YOU to become a free thinking person with ego checked at the door so you can live better and help other people live better too.

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– Tom

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