Instead of Winning the Lottery CREATE the Lottery..

tombirkenmeyercomWinning the lottery has a million to one odds.

Creating your own personal lottery is a 100% guarantee.

Winning the lottery gives you zero personal development so you’re just gonna unknowingly lose it all to people more financially literate than you anyway.

Creating the lottery demands you develop yourself so you’ve got the skills and Maturity to do amazing things with it.

Winning the lottery is a poor lazy mind set that when it’s given to you you’re just going to lose more and become even more unhappy than before you “won” the lottery because you become nothing more to get it…

Creating the lottery is a Rich and Creative mindset that is FAITHFUL with the little things so when given more you’re faithful with more and happier for the person you’ve become.

I know the answer is obvious now…. but.. What’s your “Lotto” mindset?

If its a “winning the lottery” mindset you can draw a line in the sand today and BECOME a “Create my own lottery” mindset =)

I recommend it..

– Tom

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