Ever Have To BITE YOUR TONGUE at your Job?

follow your heartAnd then ya just feel like crud cause ya know you cannot 100% be your authentic self or you could be “disciplined”…

ohh scary you might lose your next Scoobie treat errr I mean next pay raise…..

Not saying ANY of this to put you down but to CHALLENGE you to Challenge Your Belief in what a Job Represents for you, your freedom, and Your security.

Read on if you LOVE to be challenged to Grow yourself…

Is the customer ever Wrong but you have to LIE through your teeth with this “Customer is always right” BS because your job income depends on it?

How bad does it suck when you cannot pull more of your authentic self out because you need that job income for your “security”?

People people do this every day for a paycheck and their perceived “security”.

It’s like most of you have sold your soul working for a paycheck living under an illusion that a job income represents security.

That’s how your employer gets away with it! They’ve totally sold you hook line and sinker that you NEED what they’re giving you for your security. They’ve sold you a pack of unforgivable lies.

The end result of these lies and the Pyramid Scheme of the Dollar they’ve Conditioned you to work for is a nation of indentured servants scared to death to be their true selves out of pure fear of losing their job.

The grand illusion they’ve created for you is that you’re a free human being providing security for your family while in reality you’re a modern day slave to the value of the dollar with the livelihood of your family hanging in the balance in the Highest RISK possible on planet earth.

Start doing your work now to TRANSITION into being able to Fire your Boss =)

They who fight this reality will be the biggest Losers who lose everything along with all the savers who are eminently going to lose everything when the government can no longer print a fiat currency and the “party” comes to an end.

The winners will be people who acquire tangible assets and Fire their friggen boss.

I’ve Been job FREE since 2006 and Teachin it since 2010.

Have you been challenged to Grow yourself beyond the illusion of what’s been sold to you at your job?

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– Tom

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