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follow your heartDo you wonder what would happen if You Fired Your Boss?

Let’s Learn how to add health and wellness to our lives and make residual money while doing so.

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After the initial celebration is over and you suddenly have this new 10 hour per day Void to Fill…

What would you fill it with?

I know some of you are sooooo ANXIOUS to Fire Your Boss and I certainly Relate to that but you haven’t created a VISION yet of what you’d fill all that new Time With…

Just curious…

What would you do all day? Can you handle that kind of Freedom or are you Needy for a Boss?

I know you want financial freedom to be able to comfortably Fire Your Boss but If you can’t answer that question with something that EXCITES you and Creates some “Fire in the Belly” then freedom of your time may not be in your future.

This may sound really WEIRD but did you know some people feel a NEED to have a boss giving them something to fill their time with every day or they don’t know what to do with themselves?

If you found your way here then odds are extremely favorable you want your Freedom rather than a Boss.

You’re either going to be pushed around by your circumstances or PULLED by your vision.

Your vision has to include how you’re going to fill all that new time that opens up from what was once occupied by working for someone else.

For many people who achieve the Ultimate Freedom and Fire Their Boss Reality sets in after the initial celebration is over and they are suddenly staring at their first ten hours of No Boss Telling them what to do.

I can Show You How to Fire Your Boss, Create Freedom & Contribution and Follow your Heart centered around your PURPOSE but you have to create a Compelling enough vision for how you’d spend your New Freedom of Time.

I hope you’re suddenly very BUSY crafting your compelling vision of what will PULL you through so you’re not pushed around by your circumstances.

If you can do that then you can separate yourself from all those others who say they want freedom of time but not willing to do what it takes to PROVE what is coming out of their mouths…

If your vision of who you wanna become, how you wanna be remembered, the legacy and impact you wanna leave behind, the contribution you wanna create, and how you will spend your freedom of time is Compelling enough for you to totally and completely do what it takes otherwise you would be Heart Broken then I believe you are in a position to take ownership of your destiny with a personal Guarantee that you give to yourself.

When I was jobless, income less, and almost homeless, I figured out how to use social media in small blocks of time to create a life of freedom to do whatever I’d like whenever I’d like without needing a job anymore.  Without having put effort into my vision, my circumstances would have continued to push me around and most likely I would have eventually become homeless.  Visions save lives and improve the quality of lives.

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– Tom

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