Expand What You Believe is Possible For You And Others Around You

pyramids are stupid fire your bossHamster wheels are for hamsters. A hamster will be shown a better way and happily choose the wheel of going nowhere because he is a hamster.

49 out of 50 of you have your own hamster wheel that you live inside of every day. But you’re not a hamster. You’re a human being. If you stop working you stop getting paid and can’t pay your bills anymore.

You are under the control of the dependency of money and it never ends.

That is your hamster wheel.

This is the main underlying cause of unhappiness and depression because it goes against everything you were designed for as a human being.

Give a hamster a hamster wheel and the hamster is happy. Give a human being a hamster wheel and the human being is unhappy and depressed. Put a fish underwater and the fish will thrive. Put a human being under water and the human being will drown under debt and overwhelm because they have no control of their time.

To be happy as a human being is to live like a human being. To live like a human being means to become decoupled from money. To become decoupled from money is to start building your own residual and passive income to exceed all of your expenses.

Without residual and passive money your mind body and spirit is Chained and Shackled to the most Sinister of pyramid schemes ever devised by man, that is, the dollar you sell your mind body and spirit for every day at your job.

Shatter the glass ceiling of limitations that comes with your hamster wheel paycheck your job has made you it’s modern day slave with. You can do it no matter what.

There is a wimp and a strong person doing battle inside of your mind.

The wimp is ego-driven while the strong is humble.

The one who wins is the one you feed more.

Be humble and feed the strong one in your mind.

Then YOU and others around you win because you were humble.


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