What kind of a Person are you When You’re Promoted? =)

follow your heartIf you want to get promoted at your job you have to Destroy other peoples opportunity for your gain. That’s the same as building your happiness by making others sad. SICK.
If you want to get promoted as a home business person you have to give other people opportunity to be promoted. #WeRiseByLiftingOthers
These are not my opinions this is literally how it works at your job vs being a home biz owner.
Most people defend having a job. Most people are sick sadistic f***s who are hell bent on destroying other peoples opportunity for their gain. That’s what you do when you climb the corporate ladder at your job. It’s nothing to be proud of when you brag about your promotion. It’s sadistic and NOT at all what we are designed to be for other human beings. We are designed to Lift each other up.
Why are most high executive types very unhappy? They are not following their heart. They let someone else manipulate them into believing its a good idea to climb a corporate ladder.
By the way…
In case you’re feeling insulted I just want you to know my priority isn’t to never give you a reason to say something bad about me. My priority is to make a difference. My priority is to #RiseByLIFTINGOthersUp
If you’re going for the promotion at your job don’t beat yourself up over it. Once upon a time I “kind of” wanted that too but I didn’t know any better. I drew a line in the sand and so can you. Make a decision you want to rise by lifting others and then DO IT.
You can do it =)

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