Financial Security is More Important than Job Security..

pyramids are stupid fire your boss..and Job Security is Delusional Garbage sold to you because they need Obedient workers to never leave their Pyramid Scam of Human Domestication programming =)

Every Job is a Pyramid Scam controlling your time through the Dependency of money disguised as security.

I’m not Anti Job.

I’m Anti Co dependency.

If your job is covering your bills then you’re controlled by other people through the dependency of money under the Delusion that’s been sold to you as security.

Google Residual and passive income. It’s your ONLY path to FREEDOM after You’ve declared freedom of the Mind. Freedom of the mind always precedes all other freedoms.  Being controlled through the dependency of money isn’t just different it’s completely inferior to live that way. Freedom is superior to being controlled =)

You can do it!!!!!!!

Get started even if it’s with a google Research about residual and passive income. When you find a beginning course of action don’t do what most people do waiting around for the right time. Your “ship” is not coming in for you. It’s already docked and waiting. Life doesn’t get easy so you can be successful. ACT on it ferociously and consistently without waiting around =)

Make it IMMINENT that at some point in the future you WILL have the option of Firing your Boss or Keep your boss but either way it won’t be out of a sick needy co dependency any longer.



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