Finally Making Videos since my Dad Passed Away over a month ago

Good evening all! How are you??

Today I’ve been bitten by the Video Bug for the first time since my dad passed away over a month ago now.

I made 4 videos today =)

1.) 9 is Fine
2.) My Superhero Dad and Guns
3.) How to use Credit Cards to scam THEM with their Permission and in a way that you don’t have to use your own money
4.) Capitalism and Socialism & Checks and Balances

Lots more coming!!! I love making videos about Health and Wealth topics and for people who love to eat that stuff up because having both health and wealth, yes and yes, is cool. Picking one or the other is lame.

Yes and Yes! Not yes and no.

Your dash between your birth and death date is your one life you get so I don’t see the point in half-throttling it on choosing either or. YES AND YES =) Everything in the way of YES AND YES is just stuff to figure out. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Too many people quit when the going gets tough and deflect to make it easier to live with themselves for being a non starter or a quitter or both. Eff that self sabotaging non-sense =)

Since my dads passing I’ve been unreserved about my vulnerability. It’s not even a thing anymore for me to keep my crying to myself. If I need to cry I cry. If I have a bad day I show it to whoever is there with the aim of positively healing. If I do something dumb it’s out in the open where I want it to be. When I score a victory through the ashes of something that started poorly it will be on display so no one can have permission in my example to be a quitter.

I hope my sharing all this stuff inspires you to be unafraid to be unreserved about all of who you are, too, and to dream bigger than you have before and just be unreserved completely about the process of making your beautiful dreams a beautiful reality. Put it all on display the good bad and ugly it inspires people.

Ya know what doesn’t inspire anyone to do anything? Playing small. Afraid to dream. Afraid to make mistakes. Quitting. Excuses. Ego tripping. Everyone already knows how to act like a loser they don’t need you or I showing them. Let’s show people how to be human, how to THINK BIG, DREAM BIG, cry, make mistakes, learn, grow, don’t keep it from people…

Thanks for listening.


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