Getting a Job to pay bills and eat is for people who don’t know any better =)

I’m not an Expert in money. I have a basic understanding of it, and that is why I would NEVER get a job again.

Lots of people think they have a basic understanding of money all the while they need their job or they can’t pay bills and eat.

Their neediness in their job to pay bills and eat shows they are chained and shackled to their income.

49 out of every 50 people unfortunately have been sold terrible unforgivable lies about money and how to pay their living expenses.

Not everyone is ready to learn how money really works.

If a person believes their job is an intelligent safe secure way to make money and not open to the possibility they are dead wrong then they are not ready and will continue their obedience training.

I did my obedience training, unknowing to me, but when I learned new information I changed course IMMEDIATELY.

Some people keep the status quo with new facts while others can’t help but to EVOLVE as they get new facts.

I’m letting you know I come from the world of Obedience so you know that I’m not demonizing you or pointing any fingers if you’ve fallen for this LIE that you’re job income is safe, secure, or even an intelligent way to pay your bills and eat.

I’m not even anti job! Jobs are awesome WHEN THEY ARE OPTIONAL!

If your job is not optional or you starve then you are nothing but at turd in the herd in the eyes of the leadership of the largest financial institutions in the world who need your obedience to perpetually exploit you for their gain at your expense.

In my personal eyes you’re not a turd in the herd. You’re doing the best with what you know. Using job income to pay bills and eat is for people who don’t know any better.

Be hungry to LEARN and TRASH this idea that you know anything about money so that you can become open to LEARN about money and FINALLY go through a worth while process of de-coupling your time from your income.

In the end that’s what its about!

If you go through that process of decoupling your time from your income then you are at last a FREE human being able to spend your time however you want. You’ll be able to be where your heart BLEEDS to be when you need to be.

Without that kind of freedom to spend your time how you wish then you are wasting that DASH between your birth date and death date.

You only get one dash.

Don’t waste it on being a coupled to your income.

Money is NOT that important that you’d tie your god blessed time to it!

De couple your time from your money!

Learn passive and residual income and go through that deal of LEARNING and doing with an absolute resolve that you will NEVER give up UNTIL you’ve solved that problem.

If you give yourself a deadline to quit you’re ripping yourself off.

There is no deadline.

Learn the word, “Until”.

“UNTIL” is a powerful world.

You’ll do it UNTIL!!!

When you were a baby you didn’t give yourself a deadline to learn to walk or quit and spend the rest of your life crawling.

You had more wisdom in that regard when you were a baby than you do now as a grown adult!!!!

Feel free to share this message it’s important and needs to be received more than the lies we’ve been fed all our lives.

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