Job Security is Inferior to Being Financially Secure

You have to pick one you can’t have both.

I Challenge you to have the Stomach for the rest of this =)

Job Security is delusional. You’re Controlled and Manipulated through the Dependency of Money that’s been sold to you as “Job Security” to keep you a domesticated human, like a good pet with pet treats disguised as “benefits and perks” designed to keep you a domesticated good pet.

They are NEEDY for Obedient workers to keep their Pyramid Scams working for the Few at the Very Top at the expense everyone who is needy for their job to cover them financially.

I’m not anti Job. I’m anti co dependency.

Being Controlled through the dependency of money is an Inferior way to live. You were not born or designed to a good pet obediently working to keep the pyramid scams of Big Business thriving at your expense.

Draw a line in the sand if you want to. Don’t let them beat you down so badly that you’ve given up or defend job money as intelligent, secure, or an intelligent source of income. Job money makes you a good slave. It’s dumb. Fire your fuckin boss and LIVE Free.

This includes MOST of the self employed.

Ironic how most of the self employed became self employed for the freedom and yet they have LESS freedom than the employed because they don’t have any Residual or Passive income. Residual and passive income is the ONLY income worth having because it’s the only income that sets you free from being controlled through the dependency of that money.

How often do you say you can’t do something because you have to work? Or because you don’t have the funding? Or because you don’t have the free time? You’ve been ACTING like a good pet. Stop being a good PET and BECOME a Wonderful Thriving FREE human being like you were BORN to be! =)

20160521_214223See this photo here? This is my Birth Mother and I. I just found my birth family a few years ago. My Birth family lives a thousand miles away in Loveland Colorado. I’m covered financially. I have NO Job. Years before I met them I started building my own residual and passive money that I guaranteed to myself that I would emerge at some point in the future a FREE human being no longer controlled or manipulated through the dependency of money. I’m free to visit my birth family whenever I want. I don’t have to check my bank account. I don’t have to say unbelievably stupid shit that most people say like “I don’t have enough free time” and I don’t have to do even more unbelievable stupid shit like check with a gatekeeper to get permission to take the time off to visit people I love and care about. That’s what you do as a good domesticated pet at your job. They’ve domesticated you with “perks and benefits” to stay there and not even be on the SEARCH for a better way to get out of that RACKET.

For those of you who haven’t been completely beaten down and robbed of your FREE Spirit Google Residual and passive income and MASTER that. Research it. Do it. LIVE it so you can LIVE for real. Put the guarantee into yourself that you’ll emerge at some point in the future a FREE human being. It’s hard at first because as part of your obedience school training to be a good pet you are not conditioned to put that kind of responsibility and OWNERSHIP into your own livelihood. You’ve been conditioned your whole life since birth to be co dependent on a boss for your livelihood. You’ve been conditioned your whole life to operate from a fear of loss which has you clinging onto your job for dear life because it’s 100% of your income.


Pyramids are St00pid. Fire your Boss and LIVE Free.

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