George Floyd Thoughts and The Power Structure That needs to be Re-Built Entirely

Violence (I DON’T AGREE WITH IT) is the logical conclusion of a government that leaves its people with no other alternative.

The violence we are seeing right now is much bigger than the one recent tragic incident of another unarmed black man murdered by law enforcement.

It’s the whole power structure and political system who represents the interest of their corporate donors at the expense of the rest of the population.

I don’t agree with the looters in Minneapolis, but, president trump has allowed his corporate donors to loot the United States treasury with full swing corporate socialism at a scale a TRILLION times greater than poor people looting their communities.

Honestly I think people setting fire to their own community are insanely dumb and the fact they are willing to hurt small business owners who work HARD for their business goes to show this particular fragment of protestors has no interest in the cause at hand.

Having said that, president trump and his corporate donors have looted this country in TRILLIONS more than the obviously stupid and self absorbed people in Minneapolis.

Trump said in a tweet that when the looting starts the shooting starts. If trump feels that way then he’d be target number one as the single largest looter in our country.

I don’t want ANY violence. I don’t want to see anyone harmed on any side of this.

The only point I’m making in this post is that the logical conclusion of no other options left is going to be violence and anger spilling out into the streets.

Nothing else has worked to create real change. The killings happen every day and most of those we will never know about because no one was around with a recording device.

In 2008 BANKERS crashed the economy on purpose rendering millions of Americans homeless and some of them dead. Not a single banker went to jail or was even charged.

Obama, Bush, Clinton, all of them are guilty of this. Trump is just an extension, more dangerous, and far more dumb than even george W.

We still don’t have health care for everyone financed by a single payer. The result is over forty thousand people die per year as a result of no coverage. This year it’s projected to be nearly 70 thousand.

We still have large corporations buying politicians to legislate in their favor at the expense of everyone else and this is perfectly legal.

There are countless examples of the power structure harming people, often on purpose, and the ones they point their fingers at are the poor and powerless.

The poor and powerless can’t take it anymore. This could be the beginning of the kind of rioting that literally burns down ALL of our biggest government institutions to the ground because they are left with no other choice. It’s the logical conclusion that I don’t agree with, but has to be recognized for what it is.

There is a racial aspect, but, this is largely the top point one percent verses the rest.

Trump Supporters: Think about who you are supporting and how you value human life. The german people of the 1920s felt they were on the right side of history too. You are on a similar trajectory to how you will be judged.

I finally watched the George Floyd Video.

I think there is a fair chance that if I had been there to witness that, they’d have two deaths to explain.

I don’t know for sure, but I think if I was witnessing what that coward pretending to be a cop was doing to that man my tension would have continuously intensified for so long until I snapped and close lined that son of a bitch knocking him out.

It would have been a sudden explosive move that would have taken him out before anyone could stop me.

Right after I’m sure the other three cowards pretending to be cops would have drawn their guns and shot me to death.

I can’t know for sure if I’d do that unless I was in a situation like that, but that’s what I was thinking as I watched that video and my blood boiled.



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