Team Passion

Me and Desert Sage

Desert Sage

Team Passion is a collection of individual dreams, bucket lists, and dream boards and the daily consistent actions that achieves them! Ya gotta be authentic to be in Team Passion. Otherwise you’ll burn out and give up on your own dreams. There is no intense “fire in the belly ” kind of passion in shrinking a dream circle to match your current self. Team Passion is about growing yourself to fund your dream circle and doing it as your authentic self. And most of all Team Passion is the nurturing human connections that exists within it. Team Passion is an environment where people lift each other up. Restore rather than attack. Support rather than tear down. People helping people with “fire in the belly” to become our best selves possible because its worthwhile and not easy.

Would you like to be part of Team Passion?  Do you have goals of self improvement?  Do you have something you could add to or take away from the group?  Connect with me.  Let’s ask each other some questions.


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