Human Intuition Can be a POWERFUL Lie Detector…

You can use unfettered human intuition to know when someone is telling a story, asking questions, or making statements rooted in an innate search for the truth and genuine understanding of different points of views.

You can use unfettered human intuition to know when someone is rooted in a pre conceived idea without any openness to edit or correction.

If you’re not open for correction and re correction you cannot evolve how you think and what you believe.

Your beliefs drive your behavior and your behavior creates your life and impacts others around you.

Self absorption Drives people with Fervor to support a narrative not open to correction or genuine understanding different points of views.

It’s refreshing any time we can see someone hear new information and evolve their own position especially when it happens in a public forum.

Being a Human Lie Detector has to be rooted in an innate search for the truth and genuine understanding of different points of views too.

Otherwise, being a human lie detector can be in favor of a specific narrative over truth too.

William Faulkner said, “Facts and truth really don’t have much to do with each other”.

Either side representing an issue can Cherry Pick facts that support their respect pre conceived narrative and then go on to manipulate an easily fooled and even more easily distracted public with.

Politicians and Media know this and relentlessly do it.

Every day people do it too because ordinary average thinking people want to manipulate people just as badly as politicians and media wants to manipulate people.

Self absorbed Ego drives all of this ugliness.

Loveliness is to prioritize truth at the top of the totem pole even when an uncovered truth forces you to criticize one of your own beliefs.

The reason we are totally stagnate on solving any of our major problems right now is because most people cannot have a meaningful conversation about anything important. i.e. poverty, income inequality, racial issues, children sex slave rings, human trafficking, human rights violations, taxes, the economy, money in politics etc…

If we won’t challenge our own beliefs then we cannot have meaningful conversations.

If we can’t have meaningful conversations then we won’t behave BETTER and drive BETTER results toward solving these problems.

Solving our problems begins with something as BASIC as being able to have meaningful conversations with other people who are not like us.

Before we can have those types of conversations we have to drop our stupid collective egos so we can finally criticize ourselves and form the most awesome marriage of good ideas from many multiple different people with different life experiences.

We can put all of our best ideas on the table for the whole worlds benefit.

It’s this self absorbed thing called ego that prevents solutions to our problems.

The human race has to grow up or it’s going to drive itself into extinction.

Feel Free to Share this if you like the idea of challenging our own ideas so humans can FINALLY collaborate and make life better for everyone and every creature on our planet.

There are some VERY POWERFUL people on the planet who make LOTS of money by Managing Sickness, poverty, and Global divisions and over all Fighting.

If we grow up and collaborate with our egos checked at the door we can Take down ANY person profiting from sickness, poverty, and fighting while opening new doors of prosperity for people to perpetuate health, healing, happiness, and love.

Tom 🙂

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