Network Marketers CAN BE Obnoxious Annoying Children or Problem Solving LIFE Savers!!

Ever have a friend give you an Obnoxious claim about their new “thing” or flat out state a false fact about the miracles of their new whatever it is they’ve surrendered all critical thought for?
How about the common dogma argument against every other thing that isn’t their own?
What Drives this Behavior from otherwise rational thinking people?
I’m a Network Marketer and there are other network marketers who are rational thinking Life Savers so it’s not Network Marketing driving people to act like Obnoxious Annoying children.
I don’t believe in selling someone sht they don’t want or need.
I don’t believe it’s INTELLECTUALLY HONEST to make false claims, over exaggerate, or to be disingenuous about ANYTHING PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL!!
The Obnoxious ANNOYING Philosophy people generally drive their OBNOXIOUS Behavior from is “How big of a slice of the pie do I want?”
There is an enormous problem operating from this philosophy.
It drives behaviorism of cut throat competition instead of HEALTHY COLLABORATION IN PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFE.
“There is limited opportunity so I’VE GOT TO MAKE SURE I GET MINE before someone else does! I want a bigger slice of the pie than you!!!”
Instead of that nonsense I BELIEVE we can EXPAND the pie (aka expand ALL resources) so there is MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE.
I’m not worried about someone looking at what I’ve got, then looking at what others have, and enrolls with the others.
There will always be more than enough people who resonate more with me than the others and there will always be more than enough people who resonate more with others than with me so to put any energy into worrying about “GETTING SOMEONE” is IRRATIONAL and drives morally bankrupt behavior.
You want to be a free and happy human being who contributes to the Goodness in the world. We all do.
The question for you is do you want to create your version of freedom with people pressuring you with the irrational nonsense of scarcity dogma or do you want to create your version of freedom with people encouraging you to be yourself and organically attract people who naturally resonate with you?
I know I just threw you a softball down the middle but a lot of people engaged in their own journey miss it and act like obnoxious annoying children taking from a pie of resources that does not expand enough for everyone. How silly!!!
I love Network Marketing because it’s the ultimate antithesis to PYRAMID SCAMS, it offers freedom to make PASSIVE MONEY by spreading Health and Wealth for others and Health and Wealth for You and your family with a natural Organic Genuine Authenticity of being your self.
Network Marketing is a direct THREAT to the most powerful people in the world who profit by managing Sickness and Poverty.
Network Marketing is TERRIFYING to the international banking conglomerates who want to control and manipulate you through the dependency of money to pay your bills and eat.
If you’re UGLY you can spread more hurt to people with network marketing than you could without it because it offers more leverage than anything else on planet earth.
If you’re LOVELY you can spread more Health and Wealth to more people than you could without it because network marketing offers more leverage than anything else on planet earth.
What is it that drives some to do ugliness and others to do loveliness?
Network Marketing is the proverbial “tool” that is leveraged for either or.
People are ugly and lovely, good and evil, healing and destructive.
You can use a gun to protect or to kill. You can use money to heal or to pollute. You can use a fork to get healthy or get diseased.
You can use network marketing to MAGNIFY WHO YOU ARE to hurt or to heal.
If you have the Guts to be your self, to LIVE, to LAUGH, and to make enormous sums of PASSIVE Money spreading Health and Wealth Feel free to connect with me privately.
You can look at what I’ve got, at what others have, and enroll with whomever Resonates with you.
The Proverbial “Pie” is More than Enough for EVERYONE engaged in their own journey.
I Learned Everything that I know from Scratch without it interfering with anything else going on in my busy life and I became a Healthy, Free, and financially free human being by Spreading Health, and wealth, as my self.
I haven’t needed a job or to work for a paycheck since February of 2010.
I’ll teach you how to free of that Non Sense if you’re genuinely and feverishly sick being controlled and manipulated by money dependency to pay your bills and eat.
P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

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