Instead of wishing for things you cannot keep see if this sounds like more fun

Don’t wish for things that you cannot keep!

Lets use the most common two big examples. Draw parallels to whatever you wish you had that you currently don’t have!

Let’s do money and health..

How many people are sayin, “I just wish I had a good winning lotto ticket!”?

People who win the lotto can’t keep it!

How do I know that?

Because they typically lose it!

They never learned how to get it so when they get it they lose it!

If you learn how to get money yourself you’ll probably not lose it you could get even more of it. You could leave it behind for your kids and grand kids inheritance and then they can lose it because they never learned how to get it..LoL

The other big one wished for is Health.

What if you’re riddled with disease?

Diabetes, Cancer, Inflammation, -itis, hypertension, Cholesterol etc..

People are very lifestyle disease riddled.

And then they are wishing for really great health. But then they can’t keep it because they never changed their life style.

BECOME the person who can CREATE Health.

Become the person who can gently heal and detox on a daily basis.

Every day we are exposed to toxins. That’s a fact of life. We have to negate that and do better than the toxins so we are on the side of health.

You learn how to go through that deal, learn how to feed your mind the right ideas, how to think the right thoughts, learn how to eat properly, how to minimize or annihilate stress, the kind of working out you should be doing, how you should be evolving your workouts based on your progress with your own fitness your own health and natural healers and immune system, you be the person that can learn those things and then you stack the deck and put the odds extremely in your favor that you’re probably going to be really healthy your whole life.

Pass on deeply in your sleep at a ripe old age without rotting to death the last two thirds of your life like how most people do.

Draw parallels to anything else you can think of you can possibly imagine that maybe you’ve wished for but if you had it you know you wouldn’t be able to keep it anyway because you never went through the deal of learning HOW to get it.

The most valuable thing in accomplishing a goal and getting something is WHO you become in the process to get it.

Once you’re there and you have whatever it is then celebrate for a while, but, you can only stay there for so long and then you have to get back on the train of learning again and maybe set another goal that creates another recognizable from where you are now and where you want to be with your new goal.

Now you have to BECOME more again and the learning and growing continues!

You’re basically graduating to a better quality of problems to solve to close those gaps and consistently become more.

It boils down to having an innate CRAVING to learn and hold oneself responsible for whatever happens and where ever you’re at right now.

It’s not the economy keeping you back or your boss.

It’s not bad health keeping you back, it’s not other people breaking promises keeping you back, nobodys making you act a certain way..

How many times do we say, “So and so makes me feel ______”? We do that more than we should!

We rationalize things all the time to make us feel better about ourselves because it can be hard and scary to have some real reflection and be responsible for our lives. It’s more productive to say to ourselves, “I can’t be responsible for what other people are doing and saying but I’m responsible for how I respond to what other people are doing and saying and I’m responsible for my thoughts, for solving my problems, and for becoming the person I want to become that can accomplish my dreams.

You want to be financially free so you can do what you want with your time?

If it was just given to you, you wouldn’t be able to keep it because you never learned how to get it so therefore that money would be transferred over time back to people more financially intelligent than you without you even knowing about it and you’d probably blame other people and never take responsibility for never becoming the person who could get your own financial freedom and keep it.

If you OWN IT and have a sincere LOVE for learning then you can get become financially free and you can accomplish a goal whatever that is.

That’s a life lesson!

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