Don Tolman Notes – A Man Who Went to Jail For Sharing THIS Information

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Don Tolman and I at Health Healing and Happiness 2016 Las Vegas, NV.

Don Tolman and I at Health Healing and Happiness 2016 Las Vegas, NV.

Notes I took from Don Tolman.  None of this is meant to replace advice you’ve been given by your health care professionals.  These are notes I’ve taken than I enjoy sharing freely.  Take personal responsibility for anything you might try and be safe about it with your personal health care team…

Self care instead of health care. Learn to be your own doctor. Learn to be your own whole food pharmacist. Self Education.
We’ve got to get back to self education. Schools for thousands of years up until the late 1800s were never brick and mortar buildings where kids were forced to go sit in neat little rows and chant and memorize pre selected answers to stick in blank science exams to get a good grade.

Every child is born a natural scholastic genius. Scholar means one who observes out of interest. Children observe out of interest and it fires their imaginations and creativity which is everything. And then all of a sudden they go sit in a classroom and sit their and chant and repetitively memorize. Thats not how we learn. We learn when we are sincerely interested in something. 80% of kids lose their creative scholastic genius within 3 – 4 years of academic indoctrination of chant memorization curriculum they have no interest in.

WE have to get back to honoring creativity. When you do what you have a natural desire to do and you’re passion about it that is one of the most healing things you can do in your entire life that is to follow that innate inherent passion that gives you pleasure every day.
Most people are Crushed. Their spirit is dead. They went through the whole academic indoctrination graduating from the university of bullshit got a job worked it for thirty years and realized “I feel like Ive wasted my life”. Its never too late! Find your passion, shift and go forward.

Scholar means to observe with interest.

Academic means Trivia. Are you a master of memorizing trivia? Do you observe with sincere interest?

There are states right now that if your child receives a diagnosis of cancer and you don’t want to risk death of the child because of chemo and unnecessary surgies and other things, they can take your baby away from you and you’ll never see your baby again. Don tolman has helped families in this states move out of those states and into a state where that’s not forced upon them.

PharmaKIA means poison. Pharmaceutical means Poison Makers. You cant even patent a drug unless its poisonous and toxic to the human body and creates side affects so that you can be given more drugs. The “Problem” with Plant based whole foods as medicine that Hippocrates and doctors taught are your medicine clear up til the late 1800s pharmaKIA came, killed a LOT of people, took over, and created the health care, medical, and pharmaceutical industry. None of this is to offend. I know this is hard to hear or digest. My hope is it either confirms what you already know or gives you something simple and logical and something you can find a way to begin applying in your own life.

You’re not even allowed in universities to teach the power of the human body, the autogenics healing system, to self heal.
IF you’re in a traumatic accident with compound fractures and in hideous pain then take their patented plants that they modify and add poisons to and some pain killing then fine take it but don’t take it for more than a week because pain killers slow down the healing process and even paralyze the intestines that gets rid of the peristaltic action.

Don tolman has been able to help over 800 medical doctors leave their careers as medical doctors and help people heal for real.
Ever since world war to they’ve been killing doctors who are perceived as a thread. In the last few months or so the killing has been happening far more rapidly. 8 of them has been don tolmans best friends. It doesn’t show up in the media news in the united states. You have to be in other countries but now you can go on the internet.

dr mitchell gaynor leading oncologist cancer dr in the united states. Came out of cornell. Came to dons three day event, shifted and went whole foods, vibrational sounds, got into cornell and john hopkins and was shot and killed in his own backyard. Hes no longer a threat. This is nothing new these kind of killings has been going on for a very long time.

pharmakia means poison. That’s why medical doctors can get a license to PRACTICE on you. They tell you they are practicing on you. When you go to a drs office for the first time you have to sign a legal document in legal terms that you promise to be PATIENT. Patient with what? With the HARM or DEATH to you or your loved ones. They can Legally diagnose you now. Nosis means knowledge. Dia means split divided unknown. In course of law in the library of congress diagnosis is literally defined as we do not know, we are guessing, and we told you so. If you’re ignorant at the terms that they use then your ignorance is legal consent for them to go ahead and practice on you as long as you sign and take full responsibility for any pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries, radiation they do to you. You came to us, you wanted it, sign here.. For the last three generations of people its just been slammed on to the people through academic indoctrination at school, in the media, and so they are such believers.

2 statements from Don…

Statement number one – 9 out of 10 people who go to the drs office do not have a chronic disease condition. They have a simple functional disorder that would clear itself completely in 3 – 7 days if they did absolutely nothing. Did you hear that? Simple functional dis orders that are dis comfort that if they got rid of dis comfort and call it dis ease.. but they don’t tell you what discomfort or disease is.

Statement number two – the one out of 10 who go to the doctor that actually has a chronic disease condition 99% of the time have that disease because of the side affects that the toxic poisonous drugs that were put on them when they went to the dr in the first place for the simple functional disease.

They CREATED the disease. A Healthy nation means a BANKRUPT pharmaceutical medical industry. They created it. They know the poisons. They’ve tested on people, on monkeys, they put it on soda pops, they put it into packaged foods, they put it into animals by injecting them and they promote murdering animals, slicing them up, eating their dead bodies its so healthy that’s where you get your protein! if you don’t eat dead animals where are you going to get your protein? What a scam! the word protein comes from proteos which means first source. There is only one first source of proteins.. Plants! The only healthy proteins is plants. Every plant on earth has all two hundred thousand identifiable proteins in different concentrations. Grass has the highest usable protein for muscle strength than any other protein on earth.

We need to find out whats going on. Who is funding this dangerous information? what resources are available? what are they after?
If it looks like the heart and has four chambers, just like the heart has four chambers, then its good for the heart. Its so interesting.. The tomato, you cut it, it has four chambers, the top of it has a five pointed leaf, and we stand in a five pointed star, all of the fruits botanically come from the pattern of a five pointed star and that’s why they were considered to be the healthiest most powerful foods on the face of the earth. The word FRUIT in the Hebraic and Aramaic language was boaz which means to add splendor and life. Joaquin is vegetable and means to strengthen. Fruits and vegetables were your medicines. They call some fruits, nuts, if they are the fruit of the nut trees. Seeds were the fruit of the grasses. Good for the heart.

Anything that comes in a head is good for your head. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts comes in a head, they are some of the best foods for the brain and clearing brain cancerous tumors.

Look at celery! Celery looks like a bone, snaps like a bone, and now they know for a fact its absolute bone food. It targets the bones. It has 21% plant sodium. Your bones have to store at all times a minimum of 21% sodium. If you’re on a low salt diet thanks to the PHRMA industry that wanted salt out of peoples lives, salt was one of the most healing foods of the ancient world. Now researches are waking up and realizing the ancient wisdoms were right. Salt is the electrolyte of all ten thousand trillion cells that construct your body. They have to have salt. If you don’t have enough salt you’re going to have weak bones and be told you have to have joint replacement. Eat plant foods that look like a bone, bok choy, cellary, and have enough mineral salt in your diet but not too much… They wanted salt out of peoples diet so they could introduce penisulin and anti biotics. If you have enough salt you will not have inflammation in the body. Salt clears it.

Potatoes are a beautiful healing food. Don’t peal them! Get the minerals right beneath the skin. You can bake them, boil them, whatever you want. The particles of the potato are not picked up by the bloodstream as nutrition. They go all the way through the circulatory system to the very end to the tiniest little tubes called the lymphatic stream, goes into there, goes through the body, and those particles bump up against metabolic waste, heavy metals, other chemical poisons in the body swells up like a sponge and captures it then takes it to the bowls and kicks it out. Don has had people in hospitals in other countries and told they were going to have their lungs operated on. Don had them eat red skin potatoes and you need to eat one for each lung and do it every day. Squeeze fresh lemon juice on it and put a good nature made salt on it. Not phrma salt companies that adds anti caking and all of that crap. Eat these potatoes like this and do it every day. Every one of those people in the hospitals within 4 – 6 months are out of the hospitals and their lungs are just fine without medical treatment or surgeries. IF you know of someone who has been a smoker their whole life and wants to quit and clean their lungs this is one of the best things they can do.

Look at the avocado. The avocado look like the womb and the cervix of a female. For males eating avocado helps with sperm volume and sperm count. For women eating avocado helps with getting pregnant. That is a threat to the phrma industry. The avocado has a feminine signature. it even has one swollen seed in it just like a woman who is pregnant. Guess what? It takes 9 months to grow an avocado. IF a female will eat 3 to 4 avocados a week after pregnancy the weight she gained while pregnancy will come off. In ancient wisdom every food has a masculine or feminine signature patterns and as human we are both female and male so all of these foods are good for both male and female.

Citrus you can cut it, and look at it, and it looks just like the tissue of the mammary glands and it helps to shrink breast lumps and breast tumors. They start to clog and swell. They call it breast cancer now which is a total scam. You have to have your tits cut off and blah blah blah blah blah. Doctors are now coming around. Their training was wrong. You can look more into that.

Bananas and figs are masculine signature foods. You can guess why!

Even asparagus produces the volume of sperm to a HUGE load. That’s why the porn industry started to have their stars eat asparagus about 24 stalks a day for one week prior to the filming, and, it worked.

ONIONS! ON means brightest light. Ion is the ions of the brightest light. That’s why in ancient wisdom they ate onions. When you slice an onion its a circle within a circle within a circle etc.. onions target the functional capacities of health and healing of every cell in your body. It’s amazing what these foods can do as medicines.

Apples! You slice an apple inside you’re going to see a perfect 5 pointed start. An apple a day keeps the doctor away in ancient wisdom, and it’s true.

Cosmos which means beautiful woman and galaxy means mothers milk and gaya means mothers earth. The entire cosmos expands and contracts over time. Galaxies, solar systems in their orbits, expand and contract. Even our earth goes into an elliptical orbit around the sound and then it’s spherical. We are a micro cosm of the macro cosm. The atmosphere, the oceans, expand and contract. Our bodies are based on that same electromagnetic frequency. Your heart, lungs, intestines, every organ and anotamonical structure and every cell in your body expands and contracts.

There is only ONE human disease and only two causes. You can go online and look up how many human diseases are there. Depending on the medical website you go to they will tell you 16,000 to 27,000 diseases. Then they all admit there are 17,000 rare diseases. If you’re ever diagnosed with a RARE disease just hold on to your wallet and run. You’ll be just fine. They are trying to use you as a guinea pig and wanting to test drugs and procedures on you.

Don has doctors and friends who will tell you thats the absolute truth.

The ancients taught there is only one disease. CHAOS at the atomic level which creates chaos at the molecular level which creates chaos at the cellular level and when enough cells are in chaos you feel it as a discomfort, or DisEASE. There are only two causes of atomic, molecular, and celluar chaos. Number 1, you’re toxic. Number 2, you’re deficient. At can be either or. For most people who live in developed countries where packaged foods and all the other crap is being done they are toxic and they are deficient. The way that you get rid of that toxicity and deficiency is to clean you out and that’s what plant fibers and plant nutritional components do. Don has been able to help over 75 people scheduled for liver transplants who are told their livers have lost functioning and was dead. They drink 1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice every single day, and because the liver through cellular mitosis replaces itself every 90 days, every one of those people had a 100% functional liver at the end of 90 days. This is the information we’ve got to follow. You can mix the juice in water you can put it in other juices you can do whatever you like.

Walnuts have a left and right hemisphere. They are on top of each other so its like you have the cerebrums and cerebellums. You look at a walnut its just like the brain and their shell is just like the cranial cap. You look at the surface of it and it looks like the neocortex on the surface of the brain with the left and right hemispheres and now they know that’s’ what walnuts do, they target brain function. And walnut oil, whether you get the expeller oil or you eat the whole walnuts, clears out the plaque that causes senial dementia and memory loss.
Almonds look like a part of the brain called amigdala. If you look up the meaning of amigdala it means almond. It targets the function of that part of the brain.

This is not a sales pitch this is an invitation to get the wisdom of the ancients.

Grapefruit! On all blood thinner medications from the Phrmaceuitical industry they will say do not eat grapeful. Warning, do not eat grapefruit. Wanna know why? Because grapefruit thins the blood better than drugs and it doesn’t cause any side effects. It’s true!
Get off of the thyroxine and thyroid medicine don’t fall for the crap that you’re hyper and hypo. Eat mushrooms. They have the signature of the thyroid, it gets rid of all the problems, we even have four people that had their thyroids surgically removed after being on thyroid medicine for years. They ate, they stopped the medicine, even without a thyroid, they ate one cup of mushrooms, you can eat them raw, sauteed, soup, however you want it, they did that, all four of these people, these were all in australia, within 9 – 14 months the thyroid had grown back and had 100% functional capacity. One lady was so scared because her dr said there is something wrong with your thyroids they were never suppose to grow back well have to take it out again, and she fell for that.

Update: new notes I took from Don Tolman 1 year later at Health Healing Happiness 2017.

Put Mushrooms under the sun for an hour and it will move more vitamin D than anything.

Another note I took from Don Tolman in one on one conversation before he spoke to us from stage.  He didn’t talk about this on stage so this is a neat “backstage behind the scenes” nugget I have =)  Combine raw apples and oranges.  This combination improves absorption from these fruits in a way that helps fight sadness and bring about more feelings of joy and happiness. In fact, enjoy the video I took right after talking with Don =) 
follow your heart

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