You’re Better Off Starting Totally Broke

tombirkenmeyercomBeing Broke and even homeless is a blessing depending on what you do with it. HEAR ME OUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH THIS BLOG..

The gift of life is in the struggle you’re in. Every challenge is gifted to you by the powers that be to use them to get what you need so you can get what you want. Most people miss the gift in the challenge because they won’t look beyond what the eyes can see.  The powers that be don’t ask if you like them, the powers that be ask you to — USE THEM.

Professional investors don’t find what works so they can rest there.  Professional investors are constantly adapting to external market conditions they have no control over so they can do well when the market is down, up, or sideways.  Most people only know how to do well when the market is up because they never put themselves through the PROCESS to become professional investors.

In life you can professionally invest how you spend your time by re positioning yourself as external forces change.  This kind of ADAPTATION is the ONLY survivable skill available to you, so, it makes sense to focus on developing yourself to be able to adapt as often as external forces you have no control over change.  This way, every time an external force you have no control over changes you pick up more skill and become even more unstoppable and recession proof.  Most people find a bed to rest on. That may work for five minutes but as soon as external forces change, those people find themselves totally broke again and without any skills relevant to the new market conditions because they never put themselves through the PROCESS of becoming professional investors of their time or money. This is true for EVERYTHING from personal life to professional life to spiritual life to relationships with all people in your life past present and future as well as the size of your bank account.

Most people who are comfortable never do anything great because they were never squeezed and not enlightened or selfless enough to want to amount to anything more than what they can do for themselves.  Most of the worlds greatest most inspiring innovators who contribute to the world in which we live come from deep running childhood wounds and financial poverty. Life squeezed them and the BEST of them came out which the world benefited from. When you start from broke, financially or otherwise, you have to get really creative and develop a skill set that is totally recession proof that you can bring with you for the rest of your life even as market conditions change so that you are always relevant and significant. You will NEVER starve even during a great depression. Your company could blow up and you’ll build another that goes from zero to six figures in six months because you already did that so you already know how and nothing can take those skills away from you!  These adaptable skills are your security, your insurance, your ability to build relationships with people and inspire them, these adaptable skills are EVERYTHING.  Sadly they are the skills least sought after. Most people are seeking skills that are not recession proof, do not change with market conditions, and provide ZERO security, insurance, or inspiration. Most people would rather jump ship than get better. Jumping ship makes you worse, not the same, and certainly not better.  Jumping ship is foolish because now you are even more vulnerable for the next challenge that you will have even less of a clue on how to overcome.  Find out what 98% of the population is doing and do the complete opposite.

youre_better_off_starting_totally_brokeSee the image to the left? This comes from a lady I’m working with who has no money whatsoever. She wrote down on a piece of paper her plan for raising money from no money. She wrote on another smaller piece of paper, the paper you see to the left, a break down of how many days it would take her to come up with enough money to begin putting money to work for her instead of only working for money so she can once and for all solve the problem of having no money in a way that the problem no longer keeps popping back up in her life again. I’m told by other people I’m a pretty cool guy because I’m a guy who is financially free and independent who will actually help people who literally have zero dollars in their bank account. Apparently there are some financial “gurus” who won’t give anyone the time of day unless they already have piles of money. I don’t know about all of that. I’ll help anyone who deserves my time.  I may not require a person to have any money to be worth while for me to spend my time with but I do require they are going to go to work, they are hungry, and they are teachable.   Sadly most people are too ego centric to be any of those qualities and therefore they remain stuck.

The Only industry that makes any sense to start in if you’re broke, almost broke, have no business skills, is the home based business industry because their is far more leverage in this industry than any other.  This industry creates more rags to riches stories and sees more people make Major Breakthroughs financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and every other way, than any other industry that exists.  I see it every day in other people.  For me personally it was my starting place when I was broke, no job, no income, almost Homeless, physically weak, emotionally unstable, zero business skills, average C and D student, and no time to do anything outside of what was already sucking up my time.  This was the Only industry that I Could have gotten started in if I wanted to do something Great with my life starting from Totally Broke. Now I’m financially free, independent, retired from the job Racket for life, providing clean quality affordable housing for low to mid income families, starting my own non profit projects to feed starving kids and take care of orphans, all funded 100% by my home business and I’m showing others how to do it too.  Does any of this resonate with you?  Does your heart BLEED to be more and give back more? I cannot make any promises that I will work with you because I do turn people away including people who already have money.

If you are willing to go to work, you’re hungry, and your teachable, watch the video below with your undivided attention for the full fourteen minutes and connect with me over Private Message on Facebook beginning with your primary motivation to private message me.

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– Tom

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