The BEST way to Learn about MENTAL ILLNESS is by Dating!!

Are you Offended I said that?

Did you take the Joke and Laugh with the rest of us?

A friend of mine diagnosed with a mental illness who struggles daily with breakdowns weekly let me know she was not happy with this post right before blocking me.

I suspect this persons mental illness is not going to get any better if they cannot laugh especially with someone who is sympathetic toward people with a valid mental illness.

When a bigot makes a joke it’s not funny except maybe to laugh at the bigot for seriously thinking this way.

There has to be critical discernment made between good spirited and mean spirited laughter otherwise we cannot find humor in our problems and GENUINE LAUGHTER is extremely therapeutic.

If we are primarily motivated by never offending anyone we will destroy our human spirits to be politically correct and disingenuous.

I thoroughly reject the terrible idea that we can’t find humor about things that are otherwise not funny.

I will always find humor in things that are seriously not funny.

People that take offense should stop being so self-absorbed and learn to laugh about anything and everything ESPECIALLY that which pains them if anything else for the Therapeutic value in finding humor in it.

Some of our own personal “issues” are flat out enjoyable to have FUN with! Can you relate? Now THAT is funny as it should be =)

The challenge for us clear thinking people is to not let toxic people make us Bitter and Unattractive or Closed Off to meeting anyone new.

Let’s be intelligently cautious but not closed off…

To use critical thinking…

To make rational Discernment between good and mean spirited humor…

To find balance of caution and openness which only experience can teach us TOGETHER.

The real tragedy is when someone decides to let toxic people win by throwing in the towel and quitting on humor and meeting new people.

When you quit you rob someone else from getting to know the real you in the name of political correctness.

My friend Patricia Sobczyk says this…

“This is not meant to be snarky…Those nightmare dates that we call “mental illness” show us our own “mental illnesses” remember we choose our dates, companions and spouses so always remember when you are pointing at someone else you have 3 fingers pointing back at you. Relationships show us our vulnerabilities, that’s what makes them so damn terrifying.”

Patricia is very humble and brilliant.

Through that line of thinking we can create a course of Correction and make our lives better.

Everyone digging their heels in the sand on this issue will probably never improve their lives because they are not open to edit or correction.

After all, it’s always the other persons fault so I do not need to evolve or transform anything about me! How Silly???

My friend Barbara Tunick kissed a hundred toads to find her prince!

Imagine after kissing her first toad she quit?

Or her 99th toad she quit?

She would have robbed herself from finding her prince and her prince from finding her!

Allowing toxic people to win and cause you to close off and quit is just silly and CRUSHES you from the inside while the toxic people draw their energy from you to cause more harm.

My friend Christine Omar has a BEAUTIFUL Philosophic observation, “Depends…are we talking about learning about other people’s mental illness, becoming aware of your own mental illness, OR does dating cause it?? Perhaps all of the above?? Lol”

Clear thinking comes from being able to put your emotions aside for a moment to refine your philosophies so that when you are driven by emotions you can do something MEANINGFUL rather than Destructive with the POWERFUL Energy that can only come from RAW Emotions.

I’ve got issues! Do you?

If I’m going to find humor in all other issues but take offense when someone jokes about issues that I have then I’m really being a hypocritical idiot making my own issues worse.

My friends who took offense and blocked me over this post because I found humor in mental illness are making their valid diagnosed mental issues worse for themselves.

My friend Candy Wilson says, “If you can’t laugh about it, you really WILL go mad.”

I’ve got some SMART friends =)

Someone is mean spirited about my or anyones issues? I don’t surround myself with them anymore. Easy peasy!

Someone is laughing with me about my issues, their issues, and any issues for therapeutic value? Lovely I’m all in!!!

Someone can find humor in anything except whatever hits “close to home”? That nonsensical hypocritical irrational way of thinking is self destructive and I don’t want to be around it, period.

I was in Special Ed Classes in school. I was held back a year. I still struggled to get Straight Ds. Im SHY AND SOCIALLY AWKWARD!!!!!!

I rode the SHORT bus =)

I tell my story regularly in VERY public forums where I am vulnerable and I find humor in every bit of it.

It’s been completely liberating and wonderful!

So what’s the result been of my open vulnerabilities???

Is it arbitrary pointless “feel good” stuff?

Could anybody in their own struggles possibly CONNECT with other humans if we are so SELF ABSORBED that we’d keep to ourselves???

With ZERO Skill or Background AND WITH ALL OF MY ISSUES I started a network marketing business in 2007.

I am in love with learning and teaching what I learn so I built my new business by learning and teaching every day.

Only 2 1/2 years into it in my precious minutes of Spare time I declared financial freedom, FIRED my Boss, and became a Free Human Being no longer Controlled and Manipulated by working for a paycheck like every sucker does every day of their lives with a Job.

I’m a RETIRED sucker =)

Most of the self employed are even Bigger Suckers than the Suckers with a Job because they are even more controlled and manipulated through money dependency to pay bills and eat.

A few months after liberating myself from that Pyramid SCAM I bought my house in CASH no mortgage no rent EVER again.

Do you know how nice it is to no longer have rent or a mortgage???

If you don’t know that kind of loveliness then you probably have a job or are self employed the way mostly everyone else is.

If I got upset and took offense over my issues I WOULD HAVE NEVER HAVE ACHIEVED MY FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE.

Instead of liberation I would be a SLAVE to my issues as well as to the dependency of money just like every sucker needy for their job or some other type of Pyramid Scam.

You HAVE TO be able to hold at least 2 thoughts in your head at the same time about this.

Find humor in EVERYTHING while taking the serious stuff seriously otherwise if you only find humor then you probably aren’t going to evolve and improve your life and that’s just as silly as taking offense.

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