Radical Right and Left Extremists

71% of Domestic Extreme Killings are committed by Radical Right Wing Extremists. Only 3% are committed by left wing extremists. 26% are committed by Islamic Extremists. Right Wing Extreme Terrorism is greater than Islamic Terrorism by over 200%.

The Objective Conclusions:

-Radical Islamic Terror now has a bigger brother. A MUCH Bigger Brother, that is, radical Right Wing Terror. Radical right wing terrorism is now a thing. We have to call it what it is.

-When someone says the left wing is violent let them know it’s not equal. The right is 71% vs 3% from the left.

-When the right plays on our fears of Islamic terrorism let them know their political party is responsible for more than double the terrorism than muslims.

-When the right says “ban all muslims from the country because they are terrorists” remind them the logical conclusion of their own argument is to ban all right wingers first before banning all muslims because right wingers kill more than 200% more than muslims do. Radical Right Wing Terrorists makes Radical Islamic terrorists blush.

-When the left says they have no violence on their side it’s factually wrong. However small and UNEVEN it is compared to the right ANY violence is too much.

-#presidentpinnochio calls for acts of violence and offers to pay legal fees of the offenders. When his direct political opponents are targeted with pipe bombs he offers to tone up rather than tone down. #presidentpinnochio is not responsible for the violence but he is objectively a contributing factor and sociopathic enough to tone it up in the wake of the Radical Right Wing Terror he has inspired.

I have no idea what is going to happen next, other than the obvious, more Radical Right Wing Terror at a faster pace than islamic and left wing terror combined.

Another thing I’m certain there is more to come of is more left and right wingers putting their stupid partys first before being objective compassionate human Americans.

Democrats and Republicans you’re all full of shit.

Make America Critically Think again.


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