Replace Empty Platitudes On Veterans Day With Policy Substance that actually helps our Veterans

Here are some examples of SIMPLE ways we can actually HELP veterans if we really mean all the shit we say in platitudes..

House the 39,471 veterans who are currently homeless.

Pay new enlistments more than an average of $19,000 per year starting pay. When president snowflake Pinocchio says “I love our military” he simultaneously threw all of our troops and veterans under the bus to enrich his establishment donors.

Stop sending our troops to die in wars in countries that never attacked us and pose no direct threat toward us.

Allow troops the use of medicinal marijuana.

Stop using our troops as pawns to enrich the private for profit companies that make up the military industrial complex.

Bring president snowflake Pinocchio up on war crimes (along with obama and george W).

28th amendment to our constitution banning all private money from politics so that the owners of the largest for profit weapons companies can no longer legally Bribe president snowflake Pinocchio or anyone in congress ever again.

Most importantly… Stop electing presidents and members of congress who sell out our troops and veterans to be able to accept campaign contributions otherwise known as legal bribe money.

President snow flake Pinocchio is the enemy of the human beings who make up our military. Our troops and veterans did not see ANY of the massive military budget expense increase. The military budget increase enriched the establishment who profits by making more bombs for more endless wars at the expense of our troops. President snow flake Pinocchio is so proud he funded the military. He funded his establishment donors!!!!! President snow flake Pinocchio promised us he would never accept establishment money. He now accepts endless establishment money and threw ALL of our troops and veterans under the bus for that establishment money.

Lets support our veterans in a serious way. Platitudes and cliches does NOTHING to help our veterans. POLICY can help our veterans. President Pinocchio is not going to stop accepting establishment money at the expense of our veterans and troops.


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