Sometimes Change Sucks. So What?

Yes change is opportunity for growth and all that; you’ve heard it before.  If you’ve shrunk and become callous to truth does that change the truth?  Nope.  Change still equals opportunity for growth and growth equals life.  Excellent!  So bring on the change.

Sometimes change can kinda suck to.  When it sucks is that not part of the opportunity for growth?  I know I’m sounding all philosophical here but that’s because I am.

If something “bad” happens to you, or me, and there is nothing you can do about it then why focus on it?  If you shift your focus to what you do about what happens to you, you then have the way to live by design rather than by default.   Sometimes the stuff that happens to you is just so lousy but you still have absolutely no control over what happens to you.  If you keep your focus on what happens to you then you also feel completely helpless; because you are helpless with that kind of focus!

Switch out that focus for a new focus of what to do about what happened.  What are you going to do about stuff that happens to you that you have no control over?  How will you respond?  Are you going to keep your focus on what happened to you and remain your own prisoner or are you going to shift your focus on what to do about what happens to you and finally make some worthwhile breakthroughs in your life?

– Tom

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