To Patronize or Not to Patronize…

The “Customer” is always right! Or NOT??
The Golden rule says to treat others how you like to be treated.
What a wonderful simple Rule! It’s Golden!!
I got the same life Memo as everyone else that says, “The Customer is always right” and I ran it through the paper shredder just before lighting fire to it..LoL
Another life Memo says, “Separate business from pleasure”.
How awful is that memo?? Ran that one through the shredder to and flushed it down the toilet.
In my life the customer, the client, or the business partner could be wrong or right…
I could be wrong or right…
WE could learn from and teach each other…
That’s critical thinking!
That’s two people mutually honoring each other as Free Thinking Human Beings.
I won’t have it any other way in life personal and business which are the same to me anyway because separating business from pleasurable is a spirit crushing TERRIBLE Idea.
At a job you’re controlled and manipulated through the dependency of money
You’re told who is right, who is wrong, and you have to separate business from personal or you could be disciplined by a policy and procedure manual 9 miles high designed to keep you in unquestionable Obedience like a Domesticated Pet.
Most self Employed people have it even worse than people with a job which is hysterical because the primary motivation for the self employed is freedom and they have even less of it than they would with a job.
The simple and wonderful Golden Rule is my innate rationale for how I operate with people.
I don’t want to be patronized so I will not patronize.
I LOVE learning and teaching so I want to surround myself with others who love learning and teaching.
I don’t want to be sold sht I don’t want or need so I don’t sell people sht they don’t want or need.
I want to be treated as a Free Thinking person so I want to be around others who want to be treated as Free Thinking People.
I want to make lots of passive and residual money by spreading Health and Wealth so I’m building an organization of people who want to make lots of Passive and residual money spreading Health and Wealth.
If you have the guts to be genuine, to laugh, and to make Lots of Passive and Residual money spreading Health and Wealth in a cooperative and mutually respectful Learning Environment feel free to privately connect with me.

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