The Clever Trick of Money being the Root of Evil to Keep you poor and Obedient

“the money is the root of all evil”, (a clever trick used to control people because the poor were easily subdued and obedient!) and financial ignorance and illiteracy of previous generations. Well, money is not evil, it’s how we use it. Financial independence is FREEDOM and it gives us the ability to live this very short and often messy life to the fullest. They always preach that we need to donate, donate, and donate…But how is one suppose to do that without money?!!! Nobody ever asks that question. What we need to teach our kids instead is: make as much money as possible while following your dreams, however, never ever be greedy about it or make it your whole life. Instead, once you make it, share it and use it to lift others up! – My friend Yelena wrote this.

Adding to her well spoken words..


Building your own passive and residual money unshackles you from the control anyone has over you via dependency of money to pay your bills and eat.

In my opinion the point of life is to focus on creating experiences not worry about money.

PAssive and residual money is the only money that can de-couple how you spend your time from your income so you CAN focus on creating experiences instead of worry.

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follow your heart

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